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In music, the fermata tells the musician to hold the note longer, or to rest. At Harmony Hill, the Fermata Room carries this theme forward for our guests by offering a specially designed retreat for couples. The Fermata Room is secluded and quiet. It offers amenities that cater to your desire to hold each other and relax. The room's overstuffed love-seat offers the opportunity to relax and hold hands, to give a peck on the cheek, and to exchange admiring glances. The white pine walls remind you that you are in a log cabin, but the luxurious amenities lure your body and mind into another realm. The wall-to-wall carpeting provides a foundation of softness. The in-room HDTV lets you watch your favorite shows, DVDs from our extensive library, or enjoy the music of your choice from satellite programming. The pillow-soft mattress on the king bed surrounds you in comfort. The spacious bath is adorned with special-order soaps and shampoos and is highlighted by a whirlpool bath that is designed to overwhelm your senses with warmth and bubbles. Your stay in the Fermata Room includes a full country breakfast, cold drinks and coffee throughout the day, freshly baked treats, and plenty of room to wander, surrounded by the most beautiful setting in the world; the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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Slow and steady dance music describes a minuet. The Minuet Room provides a steady sprinkling of romance that will give you the urge to dance. The Minuet Room is a spacious first floor room that is ideal for guests who want more living area and the best in amenities. The stunning cherry bedroom suite includes a king sized bed that will make you feel that you are surrounded in luxury. Escape to the movies with the in-room big screen HDTV. Lace curtained windows overlook the dew-kissed garden with a glimpse of the orchard beyond. The in-room contemporary fireplace for both the winter and summer adds a touch of crackling romance and relaxation to the experience. There is no sharing of bathrooms in this B&B. Your room comes attached to a private full-sized bath with complimentary basket of shampoos, soaps.
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The ballad is a short song in a slow tempo, usually with a romantic or sentimental text. This room mimics that theme by offering a short escape from the pressures of life, encouraging you to slow-down and renew the romance and sentiment with the one that you cherish. The Ballad Room features a brass king bed. The room is bathed by the sun during the day and caressed by the moon and stars at night. This spacious room has a soft color scheme that soothes the senses. Air conditioning provides cool comfort on hot days, or open the windows, turn-on the ceiling fan, and enjoy the fresh, clean air of the Virginia countryside. Watch the sun rise over the foothills, or relax among the cushions in a spacious window seat, with a view of the woodlands. If the weather is cool, there's a fireplace for your comfort. Ballad's standard sized private bath features a whirlpool tub and shower.
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A Weekday rates of anything 99.00 and below include a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, tea and muffins or breads. Continental breakfast is brought to your room in the morning. Anything above 99.00 includes a full country breakfast. A melody is an arrangement of single tones in a meaningful sequence. The Melody Room combines many amenities that work together to soothe your senses and sway you to relax. The Melody Room is a country classic that is homey and private; you will want to take pictures of this room and post them on your Facebook! An Americana theme graces the king size four-poster bed. A cushioned window seat overlooks acres of woodlands. Keep an eye out for deer and wild turkeys! You'll enjoy more pampering in your in-suite bath where the whirlpool currents gently send thousands of bubbles over every inch of your body. Drift off to sleep while watching the wide screen HDTV.
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 Weekday rates of anything 99.00 and below include a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, tea and muffins or breads. Continental breakfast is brought to your room in the morning. Anything above 99.00 includes a full country breakfast. The sonata is a particular form of music with movements that differ in tempo, rhythm, and melody, but are held together by subject and style. The Sonata Room is an elegant room with private bath that has been furnished in a style that offers you comfort and outstanding details. The beautiful Mission Oak king size bed and wing-back chairs offer you a welcoming retreat after a fast-paced day. The decor of the room comforts you like a seaside resort. The handcrafted King bed is dressed in soft shades of blue and seafoam green to complement the soft colored walls. The cozy window seat overlooks the front lawn. If you look closely, you may see cattle grazing under the trees across the road. On those cool evenings, a fireplace offers warmth and romance. You don't have to sacrifice your connectivity to be comfortable. There is a 42" wide-screen HDTV with BluRay player to enhance your entertainment, and the room includes complimentary WiFi.
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Weekday ratse of anything 99.00 and below include a continental breakfast of juice, coffee, tea and muffins or breads. Anything about 99.00 includes a full country breakfast. A concerto is a musical work in which one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra. The Concerto Room has fashioned charm that abounds with sunlight. It is furnished with an oak bedroom suite and decorated in country blue colors. The King bed invites you to slumber in pillow softness. Enjoy a spectacular view of farmlands and foothills from a cushioned window seat. In the evening relax in front of the in-room HDTV or become submersed in your favorite novel while glancing at the stars through your window to the heavens. You can relax on the pillow-soft bed or kick-back on the two gliding rockers. A NEW ADDITION CONCERTO NOW HAS A SMALL REFRIGERATOR of it's own. This room is perfect for couples or for business travelers. Call for business travel, anything over one week has a special RATE!
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